Sophie Villeneuve

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Born in La Tuque, Quebec, Sophie Villeneuve is a folk singer/songwriter based in Whitehorse, Yukon since 2013. Mixing story telling and music, she transports her audience into her Yukon world inspired from Nature and northern adventures. From guitar to piano, ukulele, and harmonica, Sophie plays multiple musical instruments to vary the flavour of her songs written in both French and English.

In 2016, Sophie wins the francophone music competitions Pacifique en Chanson in Vancouver as well as the western finale Chant’Ouest in Regina for which she also receives the Public's Choice Award. In August 2017, Sophie is acclaimed by the critics after performing in the semi-finals of the prestigious Festival International de la Chanson de Granby.

Her EP released in June 2017 presents five original titles. Sophie is planning to release her first full length album, Le Chant du Hibou, in 2018. The album is inspired from a winter dog sledding and living in the bush in the Yukon.