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Welcome to my new website!

Hi everybody!

Welcome to my new website!

A few exciting things are coming up for me in 2017! Hihihi!

- the release of my song Le Pantin freshly out of Green Needle Records studio! Great thanks to CBC who gave me a recording grant of 2500$ at Chant'Ouest! The release is planned for next spring! It sounds great with a full drum set, bass, mandolin, guitar and accordion! 

- the release of two other french songs, Le Baluchon and Le Petit Coeur en Laine, also recorded with Green Needle using the grants received at Chant'Ouest (André-Mercure Prize and the Public's Choice Award). Should be released in the summer! Stay tuned!

- a live video of my opening performance at Philippe Brach's concert at the Old Fire Hall on December 5th! Coming up in the spring/summer!

- My participation to Granby International Music Festival in August 2017!

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Now I'm leaving for a songwriting retreat for 2 months in the Yukon bushes by... dog sledding! Apparently snowmobiles weren't wild enough for me ;)

See ya in the spring guys! Thanks for your interest in my music!