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Release "Le Baluchon"

Hello everybody!

Back to the civilization after a winter loaded in dog mushing, snow shoeing and fresh air, I am coming back with lots of energy for the official release of my song "Le Baluchon". Click here to buy Le Baluchon!

But what is a "Baluchon" exactly? The Baluchon is that little bag that you carry on a stick on your shoulder - I looked for an English translation and found "Bindle". This is your life toolbox. And the only way to fill it up is to accumulate new experiences, and step out of the famous "comfort zone". Because we never know when we will need our Baluchon. Sometimes, your partner breaks up with you and you did not expect it. Sometimes, you have to find a new job because your boss is cutting some positions for financial reasons. Sometimes, you have to move out of your place because of a crazy landlord. The more you have tools in your Baluchon, the better you will be at bouncing back from those unpredictable situations.

Recorded in Green Needle Records studio (Jim Holland, Whitehorse, Yukon), we worked again on the arrangements, for example by swaping the trumpet solo by a kazoo solo. It is during my participation at Chant'Ouest in Regina that the idea came to me, not having my trumpet to perform in the show. I just loved the result so I kept the idea for the studio recording!

Except for the excellent Paul Bergman on the standup bass - who, like usual, did an amazing job - I played all the instruments on the recording. From guitar to ukulele and kazoo, I also did my own percussions, using different original objects. For example, the shaft of a guitar with no strings became a washboard, and the guitar case itself was hit at different spots to build up the rythme. Jim had the idea to use a long 2 meters pipe to sing the kazoo solo through, which just add another interesting layer to the song. I even sang in Green Needle's driveway at the end of the chorus to give an impression of space. Lots of creativity and originality on this recording, and Jim Holland and I had much fun recording it.