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TV show Prise de son

I am so honored to announce that I have been chosen to take part of the CBC show Prise de son which will be on the National CBC channel this summer!

Under the musical direction of Éloi Painchaud and hosted by Jean-François Breau, the concept of the show is to present 27 emerging francophone singer/songwriters from all over Canada. Each episode will be shot in a different city where an artist will be hosting two other singer/songwriters. Together, they will mix their strengths to put together a show with unique versions of their originals. The goal is also for the public to discover the francophone musical scene in different cities in Canada.

And... I have been approached to host the first episode in Whitehorse! I am so lucky to welcome Raphael Butler (New-Brunswick) and Marc à Paul à Jos (Nova-Scotia) - incredibly stocked on their material!! We are actually shooting the show this weekend, and everything is going super well, the songs sound amazing! We all play on each other songs, and it has been so much fun for me to be on the musician's seat for Raphael and Marc à Paul's songs. They also add such a flavour to my originals by their amazing playing, so it is super exciting and inspiring! Éloi Painchaud and Jean-François Breau are also playing on the show, and for me to be accompanied by such talented and experienced artists is just unbelievable.

I'll keep you posted when I know more about when it is going to be on TV - probably sometime in the summer!

To hear the comments from Jean-Francois Breau and Eloi Painchaud about Prise de son, click here (see 7h53 on timeline).