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CBC Radio/TV show "Prise de Son" now online!

Remember in April I was telling you about this CBC tv show we were shooting in Whitehorse called "Prise de Son"? Well, it's now available online!! It is a great opportunity to learn more about my music and my beautiful Yukon, and learn as well about Raphael Butler and Marc à  Paul à Jos, two francophone artists who met me here in Whitehorse for the show!

Watch the 20-min TV show

(in French)


Listen to the 60-min radio show

(in French)

Big thanks to CBC Acadia for their amazing work, you guys captured so well the Yukon. The last images of the TV show definitely triggered some tears for me when we see the little families walking on the lake with their kids and dogs - this is exactly what the Yukon is about and you were able to capture that so well.

Great thanks to Eloi Painchaud, Jean-Francois Breau, Raphael Butler and Marc à Paul à Jos for their generosity - I am hoping that we can collaborate again in the future!