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My crowdfunding keeps moving on!

My crowdfunding for my album is going super well - 106% of the objective achieved! Wow!! Thanks so much to everybody who contributed. I encourage people to continue pre-ordering the album on my crowdfunding page (there's still 33 days left to the campaign!) - each dollar collected will go towards the album recording. We have started in the studio, and a few more expenses have been added due to the need to hire "real musicians" for strings arrangements in one of the songs - so this adds studio/mixing/mastering/musician cost. Any additionnal contribution will help finishing this awesome project!!

Last week we recorded the saxophone with Olivier de Colombel and the cello with Darcy McCord - it sounds so great I could not believe it!! Next week, we keep going with the banjo, accordion and fiddle. Can't wait!

I leave you with this little video I took of the song "The Sled Dog Lament" co-written with my partner Nansen Murray - it will be on the album :)