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Crowdfunding for my first full-length album

Guess what! I just started recording my full-length album "Le Chant du Hibou" in studio in June! Yep yep, Brigitte Desjardins and Paul Bergman broke the ice to record the rythme section of my 8 new songs. I am super happy of their work and looking forward to going back for the banjo, the clarinet, the accordion and vocals!

And the other thing I wanted to update you about is that you now have the opportunity to pre-order my album and receive it in exclusivity before the release! Indeed, I just started a crowdfunding campaign to help financing the album in order to have it ready for January 2018. The concept is simple: you give the amount of money you want, and in exchange you get a reward. The rewards are different depending on the amount of your contribution. For example, you can get a signed album in exclusivity before the release, a house concert, or get the album delivered to your door with an acoustic performance by me, have a Skype with me and I'll perform a few songs in exclusivity, etc. For any contribution, you also get your name in my album sleeve. Not too bad heh?

Recording an album in studio involves lots of costs. And even though I was fortunate to obtain a 5 000$ grant from the Yukon Government (thanks so much!) for this project, the total cost is estimated to 14 000$ (!!). Therefore, I need to find other funding sources.

I encourage you to watch my video below which explains a little bit the process of making an album and the costs associated with it. Before getting into the music industry, I had actually no clue of how much it costs to record an album, so I thought I would share what I learned. You will also have the opportunity to get a sense of our first recording day in the studio with Brigitte Desjardins (drum), Paul Bergman (bass) and Jim Holland (producer and sound engineer). It will give you a good idea of how we work :)

The campaign started a week ago, and it's going super well so far. I would like to raise minimum 2 500$, and I already have 50% of the objective achieved! Thanks to all the contributors, warms my heart :) It's so encouraging to see that not only my family and friends are interested in supporting the project, but also other music lovers who want to encourage an emerging artist. This is awesome!! 

If you would like to be part of this great project in a very concrete way, go visit my campaign's website to get more info about the different rewards available as well as my artistic process :) Infinite thanks for your support!!